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Contact the League

How to Contact Us

Telephone: 559-226-8683 or for Emergency 559-226-5455

Mail: League of Women Voters of Fresno
1345 East Bulldog Lane #4
Fresno, CA 93710

Email: [email the League] (general info/questions)

Or contact one of the people below:

President Marianne Kast [send email]
Secretary Sue Goldman [send email]
Treasurer Terri Figgs [send email]
VP Natural Resources Mary Savala [send email]
Co-VP Voter Services Mary Perich/Jane Worsley [send email]
Executive VP Nyla Zender [send email]
Education Director Kay Bertken [send email]
Water Director Diane Merrill [send email]
Student Chapter Director Lisa Bryant [send email]
Membership Director Dolores O'Neal [send email]
Transportation Director Bill Jordan [send email]
Program Planning Director Pat Campbell [send email]
VOTER editor Francine Farber [send email]
Webmaster Jacquie Canfield [send email]

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